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O coronavirus faz parte de uma grande família de vírus que causam doenças respiratórias já conhecidos desde os anos 60, a Covid-19 é a doença causada pelo último coronavirus descoberto “SARS-CoV2” no final do ano de 2019, apresentando quadros clínicos que variam em infecções assintomáticas até complicações respiratórias graves.
Os sintomas de maior prevalência são: febre, tosse, corisa, dor de garganta, dispneia (dificuldadepara respirar), mialgia (dor muscular), e em casos graves da doença alguns pacientes evoluem para a Síndrome Respiratória Aguda Grave (SARS), vindo a necessitar de ventilação mecânica (VM).
Sua transmissão ocorre entre o contato de uma pessoa contaminada para outra devido o contato próximo por meio de; aperto de mãos, gotículas de saliva, tosse, espirros, secreções, alem de objetos e/ou superfícies contaminadas.
O diagnostico se inicia através da clínica do paciente, e seu histórico epidemiológico. Exames laboratórias como de biologia molecular (RT-PCR em tempo real) que possibilita o diagnostico tanto para Covid-19, Influenza, Virus Sincicial Respiratório (VSR), e teste imunológico (teste rápido) que detecta a presença de anticorpos presenta em amostras após o sétimo dia de inicio dos sintomas, tem sido utilizados para confirmar a clínica para Covid-19.
Dentre os exames de imagem a Tomografia Computadorizada (TC) têm-se destacado como padrão ouro para o diagnostico das complicações oriundas da infecção por Covid-19, valendo ressaltar que a Sociedade de Radiologia Torácica Norte Americana não recomenda de rotina o exame de TC detórax como triagem de pacientes suspeitos, e sim, restrita a pacientes que testaram positivo para a patologia e com complicações respiratórias.
Achados inicias da TC incluem áreas de opacidades em vidro fosco bilaterais, acometendo regiões periféricas e de predomínio nos lobos inferiores, entretanto, não elimina a possibilidade de se encontrar alterações unilateral. A progressão da doença demonstra alterações em mosaico e áreas de consolidação parenquimal, observados na figura acima.

No entanto, tais achados não são exclusivos para Covid-19, outras infecções pulmonares também podem apresentar imagens semelhantes, o diagnostico definitivo deve-se ser a associação da clínica médica, dados epidemiológico, teste de RT-PCR, e, em complicações respiratórias TC de tórax.

Fonte: Dr.Antônio Paullo


Chate RC, Fonseca EKUN, Passos RBD, Teles GBS, Shoji H, Szarf G. Apresentação tomográfica da infecção pulmonar na COVID-19: experiência brasileira inicial. J Bras Pneumol. 2020;46(2):e20200120

FARIAS,Lucas de Pádua Gomes de; Helena Alves CostaPEREIRA; ANASTÁCIO, Eduardo Pinheiro Zarattini; MINENELLI, Fernanda Formagio; TELES, Gustavo Borges da Silva. O sinal do halo como achado na tomografia computadorizada de tórax do COVID-19.einstein (São Paulo), São Paulo, v. 18, eAI5742, abril de 2020. https://doi.org/10.31744/einstein_journal/2020AI5742

SANTOS, Maria Lúcia de Oliveira et al . Opacidades em vidro fosco nas doenças pulmonares difusas: correlação da tomografia computadorizada de alta resolução com a anatomopatologia.Radiol Bras, São Paulo, v. 36,n. 6,p. 329-338, dez. 2003 . Disponível em . acessos em 30 abr. 2020. Saúde, Ministério; Coronavírus (Covid-19); Disponível em: Acesso em: 28/04/2020.

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Most women are beautiful, but also in Bolivia, they can be just extraordinary. There’s nothing astonishing in their attraction. While most Western european women are likely to various human body and facial area modifications, women from Bolivia are amazing and gorgeous effortlessly. They are at all times smiling, completely happy and open to everything fresh. It’s possible to forever discuss their particular advantages and reasons for their popularity, but it makes no good sense. If you want to get the good https://bestlatinabrides.com/bolivian-women/ lady, prepared to start a friends and family – check out Bolivian females.

Nowadays going out with and getting wedded to a person of some other nationality than yours is nothing special. People get to know each other, time frame long, and develop families. Sure, there are other designs of hanging out together, but if we discuss Bolivia, you will hardly locate a girl for any light flirt or a one-night stand below. Let’s have a closer take a look at ladies of this nation and try to guess so why they are consequently tempting for overseas guys.

Due to this, the dream to get married to and live happily at any time after is still one of the most very important to Bolivian females. For most, it can be considered the primary thing in life, and not consideringg the fact which it no longer strives for nearly anything. A royal prince appeared prove doorstep and it was needed to make a whole lot of initiatives to conquer all the obstructions on the path to happiness, marry him and exist happily ever before after, certainly not paying attention to the machinations of envious and envious persons, being influenced by very different circumstances, people unresolved inside problems that present an invisible but superb influence on her behalf.

I just visited the state for a week. dated two youthful women that we met on the net before i got there. they are excellent in their private ways. I am living in Colombia in just over a year and you will be living with one of these. They are not stupid 3rd world people the country and the people are marvelous.

There’s nothing awful about applying dating websites. You can see and meet the most beautiful Bolivian ladies, one of which will become the person that you love. Moreover, you can study more about new countries, new ethnicities, and traditions and therefore broaden your worldview.

International Brides, at times known as “mail purchase brides”, a term the industry totally rejects, became a billion dollar a year business. Regarding to industry leaders, Republic of colombia represented just about 3% of this market 36 months ago. Considering that the popularity of Narcos, many companies have seen near tenfold rises in males seeking Colombian wives.

The very last but not least thing to note about Bolivians is the fact that they seek to marry a man out of another country. The answer towards the question of why they can be interested in foreign people is easy: it’s the chance of working with a better your life level. Unfortunately, Bolivia is actually a poor and separated place just where poverty is certainly taking over the region, so the younger world looks for in order to move out belonging to the place we were holding born in. But there exists another aspect of the gold coin: a Bolivian woman is preparing to travel with you to your home region and will accompany you upon all of your excursions if you need it.

In Republic of bolivia, women possess truly distinctive beauty. Due to the international impression, other countries (Germany, Canada, and the US) made into the formation from the country’s gene pool area, so the physical appearance of local girls can be wonderful. Generally, they have dark satin pores and skin, black wavy hair and dark brown eye, but you can likewise meet women with the brighter tone of skin, dark brown hair and hazel sight (the previous ones are visible Santa Cruz de la Sierra, one of the biggest urban centers in the nation).

How To Fulfill Beautiful Girl From Bolivia For Relationship?

Over a 10 years ago, slipping in love with someone from one more country or continent was an art totally meant for the rich and lucky. This is such an interesting article to study as I have always been a Colombian woman myself. Sometimes I just don’t understand how come there are so many males online considering Colombian females. I generally hear from international men that we’re a fact to be extremely beautiful and charming. I want to say some thing. Not all Colombian girls are very beautiful, and wonder queens don’t always legally represent the kind of natural splendor you’re likely to find in right here. Somehow I really do have to say that in Republic of colombia you’re here very likely to look for pretty girls mostly all over. Being yourself attractive for ladies in Colombia is very common, for this reason not a big problem.

Bolivian mail-order brides will be strong enthusiasts and huge motivators. They have been culturally carefully bred to be the backbone of their hard-working husbands also to take care of the home for the best of their very own abilities. Broadly, these females have been made to understand that the person is the brain of the home even though the woman is in charge of the relatives. This makes relationship easier meant for western men who want a homely girl to be in charge of their home and family.

They say Englishmen are very discreet and unemotional. Listen closely, my significant other, whom I’ve truly met on LoveSwans, tells me quite the opposite! The girl compliments to my loving nature and understands me like anyone in this world! Now I can’t stop repeating that international bride is a great decision! Besides, that’s the new experience beneath the thick have considering the native woman.

However , a productive career can’t make them entirely happy. Constant failures in attempts to build up a normal relationship and local men just who can’t produce a better life for them are the key factors that make delicate Bolivian girls become deliver order brides and start worldwide dating. Overseas men, especially those who live in Europe and America, tremendously differ from community guys. Even different mentalities and living conditions no longer prevent Bolivian women and unichip from locating common crushed.

They love life. Bolivian brides are always happy, especially because they are brides to be. Each new day will probably be totally different from the previous one. You’ll never end up being bored with this kind of a girl. The sincere laugh of your long run wife can easily brighten up however, most uninteresting and gray weekdays.

It could half of accomplishment. Usually, at the time you make a request inside the search engines, the very best and most famed websites will be the first in search results. Yet people even now continue to use difficult to rely on dating websites and confront frauds. And thus, they say that finding a female on a going out with website is unachievable.

Bolivian modern culture has tough differences between the roles of ladies and males in a romantic relationship and family. Women listed below are taught to be housewives and mothers from a young era. On average, a Bolivian woman has several kids corresponding to statistics, that’s why the population belonging to the country achievement bigger every 1 . seven percent a year. Men are workers and protectors of the family who all make money and provides their spouses and kids with food and a place to live in.

Bolivian Brides to be

Over a ten years ago, falling in love with an individual from some other country or continent was an art purely meant for the rich and lucky. It’s clear that at any rate, a man should realise he loves her kids and them to become brought up happy. If you reach the point which has a Bolivian deliver order star of the event when you’re planning to bring a child, you may astonished simply by how significant they take it. Many women are certainly more concerned about the beauty than the child after giving birth, but not Bolivian ones. That they bother to supply the best attention and ensure the baby gets all it needs. This is due to the realising by youth that they have to make their little one’s life the most comfortable. Hence they are ideal mothers.

Are you ready to settle straight down and get married to a beautiful international bride? Magnificent women can be bought in every country. However , a few girls stand out among others. As a result, Bolivia recently became the best destination for handsome, successful men, who have expect to get married to a sophisticated, self-confident wife.

To some extent, Bolivian women are brought up usually. They imagine a luxurious wedding with a wonderful, handsome person. Children take them joy and satisfaction in life. Hence for those anticipating serious romantic relationships, Bolivian girls are the ideal choice.

Deciding on a Bolivian girl to be the bride is nothing short of right. It’s a step to finding interior peace and happy relationship. Bolivian women of all ages are obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable and intellectual at the same time. They won’t enable someone to treat these people like dummies. Even though these kinds of women will be gentle and easygoing, the intelligence would always awesome men who enjoy getting around smart people.

Getting a wife out of Bolivia offers a man a large chance of obtaining true love and happiness. A lot of men who decide to settle down and create family members have looked in vain for like so accurate. As easy as it is to get in touch online, finding that one true connection can be a tough process, but this becomes less complicated with Bolivian women. 35% of Bolivian women will be within the regarding marriage, and it’s a well-known fact that they wish to explore and leave the limits of their little country.

Great hub and very advice. Though My spouse and i don’t mean dating a Colombian woman anytime soon I actually do agree they are very beautiful. Look when they make the finals of your Miss Whole world contest. That says it all. It was an interesting examine David.

Antônio Paullo Dr. Antônio Paullo
- Biomédico radiologista; - Atua na área de diagnóstico por imagem há 11 anos; - Atualmente opera aparelhos de Ressonância Magnética Siemens modelos: Essenza , Amira , Aera 1.5 T, Philips 1.0 T e Tomografia Computadorizada de 320 canais na Clínica de Imagem Vita e no Hospital Órion (gestão Albert Einstein em Goiânia - GO), respectivamente. - Coordenador e docente do curso de pós-graduação em Ressonância Magnética e Tomografia na AGD Cursos.


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